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Daniela Fiorentino

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Neapolitan singer and actress, with a strong international vocation, has built her eclectic career in musical theatre and live concerts. Touring throughout Europe, since 2000, Daniela continues to perform as an open stage vocalist with internationally acclaimed artists. She has performed leading roles in many Italian musical theatre shows, such as, « C’era una volta… Scugnizzi », « Novecento Napoletano », shows produced by Teatro Stabile in Naples and « Edith Piaf: lo spettacolo » for which she has won awards. She has performed on radio and tv, recorded albums, soundtracks, and took part in « Passione », John Turturro’s film tributing songs and singers of Napoli. Daniela is able to work in a wide variety of musical styles and with performers of all kinds. The neapolitan song is central to her artistic path, whether intimate or revisited, as in « French Girl », an album of the most famous neapolitan songs translated and performed in French. She has brought her music also to New York and Hong Kong. Since 2015 she has lived in Montreal, where she is hosting her musical live programme at the italian radio and working on new multilingual concerts. With songwriter Michael Daniel Murphy she has released the single « Muse » « Mamie Montréal », for the documentary “MTL la plus heureuse” (for Mtl’s 375th birthday) and with composer Sari Dajani (PSD music) she has adapted into italian the soundtrack of the quebec movie « La petite reine ».




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